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Welcome to Unitarian Transformers

Unitarian Transformers is a programme of spirituality and education that builds community by developing both in-person and online gatherings, supporting and encouraging new and existing Unitarian fellowships.
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Our focus is to use the online presence that has been established during lockdown to assist small or new groups to develop a Unitarian spiritual way online that supports in person and online gatherings. Please visit our social media platforms or view the events page for further details.


We develop and deliver educational material for all ages, both in person and online, that can be used in a variety of Unitarian settings. The material will benefit adults and children and group leaders who will be able to access it through an online repository
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If your congregation is interested in a collaborative partnership with us, or you are interested in leading an online gathering, then please email Info@unitariantransformers.org.uk for more information.