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To work with groups to offer an online presence where there are not the resources to do so. The aim of this presence is to allow these groups to connect with new people and gain experience of Unitarianism.

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In person

To utilise the online space to connect people to their nearest or most suitable Unitarian gathering.


Where the congregation has a physical building, our aim is to work with the trustees to find new occupancy. This will initially be offering selective free lettings. After this we will work towards a long-term relationship with organisations and individuals that have developed a connection to the building and/or our values. Successes so far includes meditation groups and a men’s mental health group.  It is expected that the trustees will be happy to make this financial contribution towards this support.

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Social Media

To advertise the events programme and to work with congregations to develop and promote their events. It is expected that the congregation would match the projects spend in this area which is typically at £10 per week for a minimum of three months.

Monthly Contribution

This project is funded by the Wood Green Trust for three years. We will need your support financially for this project to continue. 

We welcome donations of any amount, please use the button below to donate via PayPal.

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