The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Show the tiger toy. Who is this? What story is he in? Who wrote the book in 1968? Judith Kerr. Do you know anything about her? Her family had to flee from the Nazis in the war because her father spoke out against Hitler. They came to live in England where Judith grew up and had her own family. She didn’t think too much to the children’s books that were available in the 1960s, so she wrote her own. The Tiger Who Came to Tea and the Mog stories. Show 1960s books.

She said later that the Tiger represented Hitler’s Germany and what it stole from her family.


Do you know any programmes you could have watched in the 1960s that are still around today?

Dr Who

Show items. The Doctor is an alien who looks like a human who travels in a time machine called The Tardis that looks like a 1960s police box. Every few years he regenerates and takes a different human form. He tries to wipe out evil wherever he finds it in the universe.


The 1960s and 1970s


Weeping Angels look like Stone Angel statues. But if you look away from them, they creep up on you. If they touch you, they send you back in time and absorb the resultant energy.

The doctor (myself or another leader) stands at one end of the room and the angels at the other. If I look away or blink the Angels gain fangs and claws and move forward menacingly. Hopefully the Tardis will arrive just in time to rescue the Doctor. (Sound effects?).


Crafts & Activities

Operation Game
Dr Who collage
Psychedelic elephant colouring
Hippy headband