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Ministry with Unitarian Transformers: online

Our online events cover a range of activities and objectives.

Reflective: Heart and Soul and Stillness at 7 offer a reflective, prayerful space, the former allowing for sharing and the later a process of shared stillness.

Meditation: We offer a range of online meditative spaces.

Discussion: Touching the Spirit is for word inspired discussion.

Connection’s gatherings: A place for those outside Unitarianism to experience it from a particular direction such as Hinduism, Free Christian, Junitarian, Polish or Spiritual not Religious. It also allows existing Unitarians to connect to a direction that they may not ordinarily choose to do. Coming together to share values and individual beliefs.

Facebook and YouTube Live: regular places for reflection.

Ministry Online
Ministry Inperson

Ministry with Unitarian Transformers: in person

Unitarian Transformers aim to allow connection to fellowships and congregations around the country. We also aim to inspire and support house fellowships or new groups wishing to gather. We will target areas to support this via social media and our extensive network of friends and members.

Pictured is Rev. Ant Howe.

Ministry with Unitarian Transformers: spiritual development

Following our starfish story all our educational and spiritual development is about enabling us all to feel able and willing to make a difference. With direct education for young people available the programme also offers an online Matt Carmichael’s Delta Course for awareness and development. We are interested in collaborating with any leaders who are interested in offering short courses, or working with groups, congregations, and fellowships to reach new people.

Pictured is Rev. Mark Hutchinson.

Transforming Lives
Ministry Pastoral

Ministry with Unitarian: Pastoral care

We recognise that there will be times that individuals attending our groups, events and services may feel the need to access pastoral care and support. We hope that everything we do will be supportive, but we know that sometimes it helps to talk to somebody on a 1-2-1 basis.

Perhaps you want to talk through a problem or situation, have a spiritual concern that you want to discuss, or you would like someone to pray with you.

Unitarian Transformers can offer a one-off 40-minute pastoral session with a qualified Unitarian Minister or Unitarian Ministry Student.

This is not a counselling or therapy session but a space for you to talk, be heard, and receive spiritual support.

Whilst we cannot offer follow-up sessions, we may be able to point you in the direction of another Minister or agency which may be able to help you.

We offer this service free of charge.

We can speak with you on the phone or via Zoom.

If you feel that you would benefit from this then please email ministry@unitariantransformers.org.uk  with your contact details and a very brief description of what you would like to talk about, and we will get back to you.